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The reliable and secure control center for your data regarding catalogs, products and customers.


A central, comprehensive data management is indispensable for modern corporate management, whether it is for purchasing, production or sales. DIACATALOG supports the efficient workflow along the entire value added chain. Individual data that is continuous and always current guarantee secure and faultless communication without frictional loss. Apply this multifunctional e-solution to optimize your internal and external sales processes and order processes. Make sure to profit from high and stable data quality and a standardized exchange of information. And -- reduce your costs of transaction and processing.



DIACATALOG is the electronic control center for your data regarding catalogs, products and customers; module DIAPROCURE is designated for suppliers, module DIASALES for the e- shop. DIACATALOG enables you to individually record, maintain, structure and differentiate your data. Comprehensive standards of identification and classification unify your business processes, improve your customer relationships and open up new potential for your company.

  • multifunctional e-solution for central data management
  • continuous, current and individual data
  • high and stable data quality
  • secure and faultless communication
  • more efficient workflow
  • reduced costs of transaction and processing
  • manufacturer products / multimedia catalogs
  • ERP products / partner catalogs
  • customer products / individual customer catalogs
  • hierarchy / classification according to ecl@ss, UN/SPSC, proficl@ss
  • support of own catalog hierarchies
  • individual assortment  of goods
  • automatic, semi-automatic and manual master data synchronization of data in the ERP
    systems / merchandise management systems
  • internationality through multilingualism
  • simple catalog importing BMEcat,  CSV)


Whether dealing with individual customer data (e.g. price lists, material numbers, special assortments) or variable standards of identification and classification (e.g. ecl@ss, UN/SPSC, proficl@ss), DIACATALOG gives you the optimal basis for unique identification and uniform description of individual company and product data. Flexible exchange formats for importing and cataloging (e.g. BMEcat, CSV, Excel structures) provide faultless connection to your ERP / merchandise management system and a range of functions, such as comparison of product data, individual price checking, catalog release and many more.


Accurate master data determines the completeness of e-business solutions. DIACATALOG
simplifies your individual catalog maintenance and reduces your processing costs drastically.
You only have to centrally enter your master data once and all interested parties are automatically taken care of, in their appropriate target groups. Owing to differentiated catalog profiling, you
can prepare product catalogs for various areas of application or manage customized catalogs which contain such information as prices, discounts or general contract data.