simplified processes

The optimal solution for the electronic exchange of data and the integration of business partners.
EDI / OCI were never this simple.


DIACONNECT is your EDI module for executing business processes with your business partners that are free of media discontinuation. DIACONNECT makes your EDI / OCI faster, more transparent and less expensive. With DIACONNECT, you can process as many documents as possible, directly with your own ERP / merchandise management system, minus any manual operator intervention. As a consequence, you reduce the error ratio, reduce lead times, automate processing and improve processing transparency. The savings made on personnel resources can
be used for other purposes.


Calculate DIACONNECT’s additional value for your company:
nO Number of new orders per month
doc. / month
PEDI Share of EDI processing
POC Share of order confirmations in percent, which can be booked w/out changes
% OC
tOC Time saved on an order confirmation
min / OC
PDel Share of dispatch notifications in percent, which can be booked without changes
% Delivery
tDel Time saved on a receipt of goods
min / Delivery
PInv Share of invoices in percent, which can be booked without changes
% Invoice
tInv Time saved on booking a single invoice
min / Invoice

Benefit  =  nOPEDI

( POCtOC + PDeltDel + PInvtInv )
Benefit  =  3000 doc.25% •

( 80% • 3min + 80% • 2min + 80% • 3min )
Benefit  =  4800 min  =  2 weeks


DIACONNECT is the solution for multifunctional connections in the areas of electronic data exchange (EDI) and Open Catalog Interface (OCI) and your optimal coordination platform for inter-company order processing. As an interface for the most diverse e-business standards, DIACONNECT is a valuable tool for efficient and transparent electronic data exchange.

  • business processes free of media discontinuation
  • standardized processes
  • faster reactivity
  • more transparency in the supply chain
  • no manual intervention
  • lowering of error ration
  • reduction of lead times
  • completely automatic processing
  • improved use of personnel resources
  • interface for multi-functional connections
  • workflow engine for individual processes
  • integration capability with several ERP systems and merchandise management  systems
  • managed service
  • document categories: enquiry, offer, order, order confirmation, dispatch notification, invoice, credit voucher, etc.
  • standards: EDIFACT, OpenTrans, SAP-IDOC, XML, xCBL, EANCOM,  ODETTE, RosettaNet, XLS, CSV etc.
  • transmission systems: POP3/SMTP, HTTP(S), FTP(S), X400, OFTP, etc.


DIACONNECT makes the inter-company order processing faster and more secure at the same time. Whether you are dealing with an offer, an order confirmation, orders, credit vouchers, a dispatch notification or invoices -- DIACONNECT enables a smooth connection to your ERP / merchandise management system. Simultaneously, transparency is improved, e.g. by the electronic feedback signal of an order confirmation.


DIACONNECT can be integrated into your ERP / merchandise management system and guarantees a quick return on investment (ROI). Business processes free of media discontinuation and standardized business processes provide an exchange of data that is faster, free of errors, transparent, and therefore traceable.