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The electronic procurement
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purchasing processes


DIAPROCURE is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies (SME’s) in terms of process optimization and lowering costs in the purchasing and procurement areas. DIAPROCURE provides you with an individual procurement platform which enables a simple and efficient coordination between suppliers, purchasers and users. The latest technologies guarantee maximal flexibility, transparency and efficiency. Due to simple integration with existing IT systems, your processing costs can be reduced to virtually zero. Use DIAPROCURE to meet your goals. Save time, money and resources.



DIAPROCURE allows you to carry out simple, effective and integrated ordering processes in your company. A system that is tailored to your needs provides you with selected supplier catalogs having uniform, comfortable and comprehensive search functions for products and suppliers, all using your corporate design. Being a multiple solution for clients and suppliers, DIAPROCURE optimizes, automates and rationalizes your internal and external procurement processes. Reduce costs and workflow running times, as you do not need to set up an IT infrastructure nor adapt data. A comprehensive C parts management and procurement tasking of A+B parts unburden your entire purchasing.

  • efficient process optimization
  • cost reduction and procurement controlling
  •  increase in process stability, error prevention
  •  reduction of maverick buying
  •  reduction of throughput time/replenishment lead time
  •  standardization and streamlining of procurement assortment (reduction /concentration of number of suppliers)
  • faster transactions
  • more quality, more transparency
  • quick implementation
  • no investment risk
  • multi-client and multi-supplier capabilities
  • direct connection to suppliers -- 100% mapping of procurement processes
  • depiction of individual workflows, accounts and shopping cart rights
  • order proposals, list of favorites, parts lists
  • management of shipping methods, delivery addresses and billing addresses
  • diverse user privileges e.g. budgeting, registration, accounts
  • order tracking, status request, receiving functions
  • module for controlling the storage of consignment and Kanban
  • import and export interfaces
  • internationality through multilingualism
  • user-friendly, intuitive web front end; user-optimized search
  • central operation and hosting


DIAPROCURE speaks the same language as your purchasing and reproduces your workflow into the procurement process, from the automatic order booking to the electronic invoice. Together with your supplier, you can manage your stocks automatically, online and without vouchers. Any requirements for materials, services or configurable products can be centrally monitored and controlled. Flexible workflows cover situations in which clearance and authorization are needed. Releases take place comfortably, by e-mail.

Your parameters are individually, flexibly and easily adaptable, whether for catalog classification, product search or product data administration. The supplementary module, DIASCAN Light, also provides simple and comfortable order entry by use of a scanner. DIASCAN Professional enables a dynamic management of outsourced stocks, provides consignment warehouses with automatic replenishment control, and ensures 100% stock reliability of the articles provided.


Thanks to DIAPROCURE, one must no longer search laboriously through paper catalogs for a desired product. Involved departmental searches and updating of licenses and permits become a thing of the past, as does undertaking cumbersome ordering by fax or e-mail. DIAPROCURE helps to lighten the workload of a purchasing department, so that one can concentrate more on important tasks. This positively affects employee satisfaction and the working atmosphere. Utilize this procurement solution to help achieve your objectives.